Yes! To Blueberries

So can I first just say softball games at 9:30pm on a muddy field in the rain should be outlawed. Thank goodness we got 15-run ruled and the game ended early! It’s a good way to forget about the tornado sirens going off during volleyball practice yesterday and a mom coming down the stairs yelling “the tornado’s going to hit this building in 20 minutes! I’m taking my daughter now!” Such a wise mom yelling that to a bunch of 10-14 year-olds. Though, she must not have an iPhone because the sirens were going off because of lightening. Indiana is so cool.

On to something else. I’ve been using the Yes To Blueberries facial wipes for a few weeks now. I wouldn’t say that I have sensitive skin, but I do often have problems with drugstore skincare products. I’ve found that the Yes To Carrots brand, however, has been a refreshing blessing. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s 99% natural or what, but my skin likes it.

The box claims 2 things: brightening & moisturizing. I have found this to be generally true. My skin feels clean & does look brighter after use. While I haven’t stopped using my moisturizer (mostly because I’m addicted), but my skin does not feel dry after use by any means. The packaging is great for a drugstore product. I love that it has a snap top so they don’t dry out.

I only have 1.5 complaints: 1) I’m not so sure about using it on my eyes. The citrus on them almost burns my eyes a little bit, so I try to be a little careful. 0.5) I can’t decide on the smell. I have a love/hate relationship with it.

For only $8 for 30 wipes, this is quickly becoming one of my favorite bed-side items. Target to purchase.


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