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Zoe Organics Mini Haul

Techno Cupcake | Zoe Organics | Eco Diva Beauty

So I think something really strange is happening to me. I am sort of inadvertently jumping on the green beauty bandwagon. So many of the new things I’m getting are gorgeous, eco-friendly, organic, cruelty free and just amazing. Awhile ago, I really tried to go cruelty free. It was a complete failure because I suffered from the classic focus on what you can’t have instead of all the good stuff I could have. It’s the same with a lot of other things in life, but this relationship has organically grown (I’m hilarious, I know. I know). It started with One Love Organics and grew into May Lindstrom, then RMS, then… it’s just my jam now. These products just are really working for me. They have really good ingredients (or I guess I should say ingredients that really work for me). They have sexy packaging. They have delightful smells. They have all the things I didn’t know really existed in this realm (or existed so widely). I know not everyone is into this kind of stuff, but if you were just resisting just to resist I encourage you to look at places like Eco Diva Beauty that has a good array, but not overwhelming, of handpicked products. So unfortunately, Eco Diva Beauty was out of quite a bit of products that I wanted, so I stumbled upon the Zoe Organics web site that offered some samples. I thought it was a good opportunity to pick up a few products that I could try, stick in my purse & see if when my other items come in I wanted to order the full size.

Techno Cupcake | Zoe Organics | Eco Diva Beauty

Zoe Organics has a small selection of products, but they are some really great items that I think are harder to find in the green beauty world. I was reading the Zoe Organics story and here’s a quote from their web site: “There were just too many toxic or unnecessary ingredients in the personal care products on the market, and not enough of the good stuff!”. Not long after that, Zoe Organics was born and Heather’s commitment to creating new 100% organic and natural skincare and home products for conscious families continues.

I think as I get older and I am surrounded by friends having babies and getting to think about having my own, this idea of what goes on my body is becoming more important. I also think that it’s absolutely crazy when I hear friends talking “I use 1 thing for baby and 1 thing for me.” Seriously? There’s got to be something for you and baby. Brands like Zoe Organics are great for mom and baby.

Techno Cupcake | Zoe Organics | Eco Diva Beauty

One of the main items I really, really wanted to try was the bug spray. I think the sample is perfect to carry in my purse for bug emergencies and I’ll be getting the full size with my next Eco Diva order. It smells nice, leaves the skin fresh and clean and seems to work (from limited testing). Perfect for walks with Molly in Indiana. I honestly didn’t wear much bug spray prior. Not because of ingredients, but because I’m a diva. Like that crap smells gross and it’s sticky. I don’t want to walk around like a human fly trap. I also heard one of my friends is giving up deet and I’m defiantly going to be recommending this to her. Did anyone know that there was such a thing as a luxe bug spray? I could get into this!

The other items are really cool, too. The everything balm is going to be my stick of choice in my bag. It is a little on the oily side so I wouldn’t want to constantly apply to my hair, but it works in a pinch. It also works on… eyebrows! Cuticles? Dry patches? Dewy skin? Itchy spot? Forgot the bug spray? Yeah, I love this thing already and it’s been approximately a day. It smells like a light, true orange scent.

The refresh oil is surprisingly nice. I like that it’s not super strong smelling. You really can apply it under the nose. I haven’t gotten to use it much yet, but I’m defiantly encouraged by this one. It’s also supposed to help stress, motion sickness, etc. I haven’t really tested that out yet.

Last is the extreme cream. So I will be using this more, but it’s really thick. I have really dry, itchy legs so I’m really happy for the sample. It will be nice to have. But I think I will use up the sample first and then purchase a bigger size later. It’s a little heavy for me in summer I think. I will have to use it more and get back to you on that one as well.

So have you tried Zoe Organics? What do you think? I have other items on my list already!

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