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A Single Chanel


I truly love my husband. But if I was to have an affair it’d be with Chanel. I mean, it’s classic, sexy, sleek and I always go back to it. Like some sort of comfort food. I think we all know and love Tom Ford, but Chanel is just a classic staple that every woman can turn to in her times of need. And a sexy everyday eye. So here’s the start at looking into my collection: my Chanel single shadows.


Lotus, Trace & Platine

Lotus is the perfect everyday base for me. It’s light, bright and has a beautiful sheen – minus the shimmer. It’s one I’ve put a big dent in over time. It’s smooth, layers nice and just brightens my eyes without being like “hey! I’m 17 and trying too hard!”. Trace is the top color and it’s a medium brown with glitter. I held out on this shadow and it’s the only one I don’t really use. It’s just a weird color on me – not really dark, not light. Hard to use in the crease due to the shimmer. Lots love this one, and it’s easy to see why, it’s just a weird tone for my skin. Right is Platine – a pretty silver shimmer. This one can be used on the lid, provides more brightness than Lotus and can be smudged over liner for a slight metallic look.


Gris Exquis & Sand

Gris Exquis (left) is a pretty gray color. It does have shimmer, but doesn’t really translate to me. I wear this in the crease but mainly smudged over liner. I think it can also stand on its own as a liner. I think it applies nice, blends nice and is a versatile gray. I wouldn’t be worried about the shimmer in this one – it’s pretty minimal. Sand is actually a bit deeper than what it’s showing. It’s a pretty light to medium brown that is one of the mattes I own from Chanel. I love this one. It’s perfect for a subtle crease color, great to tone down all the shimmery shades or can be worn all over the lid. One of my favorite matte browns. Ever. In my life. I’m super duper serial (can you tell I watch South Park? No? Moving on…).


Safari, Gri-Gri & Eclaire

These 3 are my super stars. Safari is a brown with a little taupe to it. It’s got shimmer, but holy buckets if it’s not gorgeous. This pears well with Sand. Can be built up or packed on and smooth as butter. Gri-Gri is one that I always go back to. No matter what happens in life, Gri-Gri always makes it back. It’s more of a purple taupe and it’s oh so glorious. Again, can be built up or kept sheer. Last is my newest addition of Eclaire. This one is such a pretty yellow gold. I actually find it hard to find a similar color. Even with pink undertones, I find this one works really well for me. Just a pretty true gold and I find I love wearing it alone or using it to make shadow looks pop. Goes well with a brown eye – smoky or non.



Some of these aren’t quite coming off and I totally misspelled “Platine”. Why I love to put the “n” in is beyond me. I feel like Safari and Gri-Gri can only be viewed in person to get the full beautiful affect. All swatched nicely, but Trace was a little chalky. I don’t have too many issues blending it out, but I don’t use it enough to give a perfect assessment.

Helpful? I hope! I am leaving this weekend and considering updating my blog, so sorry if videos and posts are sparse. I’ll do my best, but you’ve been warned. Not gone, just busy. Life.

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