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So you want to learn more about me, eh? I’m 29 years “old” and I live in Indiana currently with my husband & dog (Molly, the American Eskimo). We moved out to Indiana in 2007 after graduating from college. I grew up in a small town in Colorado and went to school to become an engineer.

This blog is a place for me to post pictures, talk about life & share with you all. I started this blog as a way for my mom to see things I was doing. Something came over me one day and I started a YouTube channel. Then my blog and my channel have started growing, so I’m completely embracing the experience. This has definitely turned into a beauty blog, but I really don’t limit myself. If I want to show you a cool new laundry detergent, I will. I’m by no means a beauty “guru” just a serious lover. I always have something different on my face and I love to share my journey.

I’m not a photographer, a web designer, a film editor… just an engineer with a hobby on the side. I have grown a lot in my photography, but I’m just like you. I have a camera and a finger to push the button. I got my degree in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering and I highly believe in higher education. As a female engineer, I have found this whole experience really amazing! I love having new girlfriends to talk to! I love interaction and hearing from everyone, so please comment or email or subscribe and hang out.

Right now, I do not show any sponsored posts or items. If anything ever changes, I will let you know. One of my big things is about honesty. I really get tired of seeing “this might be free” or “opinions are my own”…. what the heck does that mean?! I personally feel that as long as we are honest with each other, than it’s going to be a beautiful thing. Any time there is a perk (ie if you click a link and I get credit), it will be identified so you can make the best decision for you.

Lastly, I am here to encourage and brighten your day. This space is not a negative place. I happily accept constructive criticism, but spam or just plain nasty comments will be deleted.

Additional Information

Cameras: For filming I mainly use an Olympus Pen Lite E-PL5. I use my Olympus OMD’s for some filming and pretty much all my photos. I do like them a lot, they are small and user friendly. As for lenses, I use a variety. My main are the 17mm and the 45mm prime lenses from Olympus, but I also use the 60mm macro on occasion. And I really want the 75mm lens, so if any one wants to click on my adds 300,000 times that would really be great.

The Blog Name: Techno Cupcake was a name I chose a really long time ago just to pick a name. It really has no significance other than I’m a gadget freak (Technology=Techno) and a cupcake lover. I just kept the names, but I never imagined expanding the blog or the name so it just kind of happened.

The Bloggers Name: My “real” name is Andrea. But everyone calls me Andie. I’m pretty sure my mom hates that, but it really started in college and just stuck.

Makeup Style: I used to wear a really smokey black eye in high school and then just kind of stopped somewhere along the way. I prefer a much more natural look now as I think it looks more professional & polished. However, you will see a variety of products and looks. I don’t limit myself to be honest, and I encourage you to do the same. If I want to wear a purple lip, I do. If I want to wear a black smokey eye, consider it done. But on a day-to-day basis I prefer a light foundation, pretty glow to the cheeks and a soft neutral eye.

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