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Recently, Jan sent me an email saying she’d like to send me their new Benjabelle organic brush cleaner. I’ve been a longtime fan of the brand and already owned their brush trees and their solid brush shampoo. They are so nice and it’s always a good feeling to support good people and good innovations. These guys embody all the good things in a small business that you are always rooting for. I’ve decided that since I’ve used the brush cleaner and their other items, I’d do a few mini reviews for you!

First off, I’m not a regular brush cleaner. That important only for the fact that I’m someone who really tested the effectiveness of this product. When I wash my brushes, it’s all hands on desk. I’ll keep it fairly simple for you: both products are nice, but the liquid version is amazing. I love the pump and it was really effective. I felt like the soap really hydrated and conditioned my brushes. It was no surprise when I went to their web site it had a claim about how conditioning it was supposed to be. I’d have to agree with that. A tiny amount made a big difference. I did find with some of my synthetic brushes used for foundation that I preferred to start with the solid cleaner and then put a little liquid on it to really cut through and get it clean. There’s no added fragrance (both really smell like nothing to me) and there’s lots of good oils and ingredients in both. I love that my hands felt soft after using, not like I’d been using a bunch of harsh soaps.

I now keep their brush cleaners out on my sink. It’s a great reminder to wash my brushes and it makes it less of a chore to get out all of the items. I wanted to show this picture to show you how well it sits out on the sink so there’s no need to store it away. The bottom line is that if you want your brushes conditioned and clean, this is an excellent option. I’d highly, highly recommend the new organic brush shampoo. As far as the solid one goes, I really feel that this is a great organic option if you want to use exclusively natural products. You must make sure you’re really rinsing your brushes well with this one or it can feel a tad gummy and I need to re-rinse. I actually really liked the two products together. I liked the solid to start loosening up product on synthetic brushes used for foundation. It got that first layer gone, then a tad of the new soap was a perfect combination. That’s probably not ideal for everyone, but it worked for me. If you were looking exclusively for a solid shampoo and didn’t care if it was organic or not, I’d probably go with Sephora brand. However, the new liquid organic soap cleaned just as good as the solid versions I’ve been liking lately and seemed to condition my brushes better so I’d opt for the liquid brush shampoo.

It took me a few times to get the hang of pumping the correct amount coupled with a good system. I felt like I used a lot for my first go-round but once I got the hang of the pump and worked some soap into my brush egg. I don’t think I’ll use nearly as much next time and I loved!

Also, I’d highly recommend the brush tree. Pictured above is the mini brush tree. These all collapse for easy storage and can be built in about 2.5 seconds to start hanging your brushes. The mini hold 24 brushes and holds a wide range of small to medium handles. You can see here, lots of hakuhodo, Armani and MAC hang nicely. Really small eyeliner brushes can fit 2 to a slot.

The Sunflower here is my favorite and probably the one I’d recommend to just about anyone. It holds 4 large brushes (they have to be pretty large like Marc Jacobs handle sizes), 6 medium & 16 smaller. Yes, you could rig up something to slant your brushes and keep water from getting into the ferrule, but my vote is spring for the $25-$40 for a brush tree because you won’t regret it!

You can buy directly from the Benjabelle website. They have excellent free US shipping. The brush shampoo is just under $15 and trees range from $20-$40 depending on the size you get. These make great gifts for beauty lovers, but I also think those who aren’t junkies would appreciate a good cleaner and a tree. It’s something we all need to do to some capacity and some people may not go out and help protect their brush investments otherwise!

xoxo, Andie

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  • Reply Joyce | bronzer bunny

    i love the brush tree also! I am still loving my beautyblender solid cleanser but i’ll totally keep my eye out for these. Sounds nice!!

    November 26, 2015 at 5:20 pm
    • Reply Andie

      I love the new liquid! Especially for a brush cleaner slacker like myself. :X

      November 26, 2015 at 11:34 pm

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