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Blooming Love

One of the things I really love about being a product junkie is you never rest until you’ve found the good stuff. I’m always looking and hunting for new things. One of the things I love about blogging/vlogging/instagram is that I get to share these gems I find with you. Recently, some people have started following me on Instagram and I’ve been checking out profiles of people that look intriguing to me. That’s how I found Little Barn Apothecary and that’s how I also stumbled upon Bloom Skincare.

Bloom is a small, relatively new brand. They are an organic, natural brand that even boasts recycled glass for their products. They have a pretty limited product range right now, but I love that it’s got all the basics covered. I’ve tried 3 of their products so far and wanted to give my thoughts and how I use them. Also, I still have one of their handwritten notes on my vanity because it had such sweet words. I placed my first order with them before I had Nora and posted about my bad day with the photo of the product I ordered. They remembered and sent me a very nice handwritten note with my order. It was so nice, my husband said I had to buy more, so I bought the other 2 that day. I love that about shopping with small companies. They want to see their products work for you and they truly make everything from the heart. Not the same feeling I get when ordering from Sephora.

The 3 products I have are the polish, hydrate and glow. I’ve been using the glow the longest (about 6 weeks) and the other 2 about a month so I have a pretty decent idea how they work. What’s cool about the line is there are only 5 products, but the polish and the nourish come in 3 different types to fit different skin care needs. If you aren’t sure which products are right for you, you can take a short quiz on their website. I think the only thing I’d hope that they do in the future is add a bite sized collection for people to try first. I think it would encourage lots of people to get addicted.

First up, lets talk the hydrate mist. This is probably the most underwhelming product for me personally. In retrospect, this wasn’t probably the item I should have bought (I should have tried nourish instead) but I’m a serious face mist addict so I was more tempted by this product.

This product is no doubt nice and I don’t really have much bad to say about it. The mist smells really lovely (a rose/floral scent that’s quite nice and not overpowering). It also feels really nice on the skin. I find it most effective if you apply your moisturizer right on top of it. It doesn’t seem to have a long-term hydrating feel when used alone, but a moisturizer tends to lock in the product a little better. This is meant more for redness and de-puffing. Neither of those things I’m currently battling so it’s probably not right for me to knock this product, anyway. It has lots of good vitamins and it does feel nice on the skin, but that’s about it for me. It is very cooling so I’d imagine if you had some of the issues it was intended for, you might find this more exciting.

I do use on my face still, but I have found my favorite way to use it right now is after shower on my body. It smells so good, feels really nice on the skin and with a lotion on top helps everything work better. I don’t know that I’d spend $40 for that again, but I will enjoy it while it lasts for sure. If I struggle with redness or anything like that down the line, I’d keep this on my radar.

Next is a serious love for me and that is the polish. I got the combination skin version which is there to nourish, soothing and calming. It is also targeted for sensitive skin. This stuff is extremely gentle so I could see this product for just about anyone. It does exfoliate, but it feels a little like if you were to use oatmeal grains or something. I actually use this as a mask in the shower combined with glow and some water. I let it sink in and scrub off at the end of the shower. It makes my skin feel so good and it’s nice to have an exfoliater that actually hydrates the skin versus feels like you have to immediately slap on moisturizer or your face might fall off.

I was a little weary of this because the price seemed steep, but I use on a regular basis (a few times in the week) with a pretty decent amount each time and I still have loads left. I would repurchase again when I run out so it seems worth it for me. People with sensitive skin or wanting a gentle, nourishing scrub will really like this. Those looking for something rough, more like a true polish, will be let down for sure. I still have some more abrasive scrubs when I want something to really get in there, but this is great for more regular use and maintenance. The only downside for me is that this is messy. It bothers me approximately 0 because I only use in the shower.

Last is my favorite of the bunch, GLOW! This was the first product I bought and I kind of bought on a whim. I’ve slowly become a glow addict. It’s basically a really nice face oil that has lots of different uses. It comes in a pretty glass bottle with a pump. It contains lots of fatty acids alongside vitamins. This makes my skin incredibly soft and it smells pretty yummy. It’s a light, natural floral scent that doesn’t linger. It seems to be a bi-product of the ingredients with no other fragrance added.

So how do I use? Let me count the ways. I use in a double cleanse as a last cleanse to keep skin soft. I use as an eye makeup remover by putting it on a cotton pad and removing with water (usually on the other side of the cotton pad). I use it as a mask. I use it with polish or other exfoliating grains. I use it on my skin before I get out of the shower. I use it in Nora’s bath to keep her skin calm, soft and smelling beautiful. This is kind of one of those products that is probably not a necessity, but I use it so often I’m not sure how I lived without it. At $30, I say this is the line’s shining star and worth a try. After lots of use, I still have lots left so the $30 seems well spent. Because it has so many uses & such great ingredients, this is the one I think you can’t really go wrong with. If you don’t love it on your face, mix with other products or use on your skin. It works well with shaving or post shaving, too. It leaves skin really pretty and all sorts of dewy. At night I pat dry but don’t even always wash off and it works well for me.

I hope this was helpful for those of you looking at the brand or curious about new products. You can shop them via their website at bloomskinessentials.com. These products were purchased by me and I’m not affiliated with the company. If I try the nourish or eye balm, I’ll keep you updated!

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