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Bobbi Brown Get Ready


So I’ve been showing a lot of Bobbi Brown products lately so I thought I’d put some into action and give you some thoughts on some Bobbi Brown products! The look was accomplished by using all Bobbi products except the brows. Also, the video had some popping noises throughout which I didn’t know how to fix in editing. Sorry if this blog post is the only thing to guide you through… I tried!


Face Products: Foundation Stick (0 Porcelain), CC Cream (Pale Nude), Illuminating Finish Powder (Porcelain 0), Pot Rouge (Hibiscus 31), Illuminating Bronzing Powder (Telluride 10)


Foundation Stick (0 Porcelain): A great match for my skin, this is easy to blend with fingers or a brush. Occasionally it will grab to dry patches on my forehead, but after the foundation sets it looks flawless. A perfect touch-up stick or for someone who wants an easy application in the mornings. There’s a huge shade range so it’s great for the lightest skin tones to the deepest. It looks natural on and wears pretty well. I tend to set with foundation for a more matte look. Can build up as a concealer in areas that need it.

CC Cream (Pale Nude): A great way to add SPF (it contains 35) and luminosity. It can be a little drying, but I like because it helps control oil. I like this alone because it brightens and evens my complexion noticeably or underneath foundation because it helps the foundation stick last longer on me and bring radiance. I did this on 1/2 my face when I tried the product in store and I could really tell a big difference.

Illuminating Finish Powder (Porcelain 0): I bought this at a CCO (Cosmetic Company Outlet) and I have started loving it. The first time I purchased (also from a CCO) I settled for the wrong color and got a bad taste in my mouth. Now that I have a shade match, it’s a great powder to top off foundations for a little more coverage and isn’t cakey at all. I wish it was more compact so it was easier to carry around as I think this would be a great blotting powder.

Pot Rouge (Hibiscus 31): This was limited edition and my Saks had 1 lonely one in a drawer so you know I picked it up! I have some of the older pot rouges and they were a little more drying. I found this one smooth and great for lips and cheeks. I love that they incorporated a mirror so you can put in your bag.

Illuminating Bronzing Powder (Telluride 10): Oh let me count the ways I love Telluride. I found the old version in a kit at my CCO, FYI. This looks really natural and it’s buildable, too. One thing that I find strange, and I’m glad I swatched first, was the name of “illuminating” implies shimmer. This is a matte bronzer. Hrmmm… weird move Bobbi!


The Basics: Long-Wear Cream Shadow (Bone 1), Corrector (Light Bisque), Tinted Eye Brightener (Light Bisque 2), Sheer Lip Tint (Passion Fruit 1)


Long-Wear Cream Shadow (Bone 1): This is proving to be quite a good eyeshadow base for me. It was a little thin (compared to MAC’s painterly), but I’ve come to love building it up. I can’t wear MAC’s paint pots alone since they will crease on me and Painterly is thick enough it can go on a touch patchy. This one is smoother and easier to build for me. I think the thinner texture is lending itself to be why I can tend to wear this alone under shadows without a primer.

Corrector (Light Bisque): I just started using these again and I am glad I gave them a second chance. A great compact design with a mini mirror, these are great to throw in your purse. They are creamy and I mean creamy. But what I’ve found is I build up color with a brush instead of a finger and after my makeup is done, I just pat away anything that’s settled into my lines and it lasts fine. If you have dry under eyes, you will like!

Tinted Eye Brightener (Light Bisque 2): I got this to replace my Armani corrector but it’s not quite there. It is a really great under eye brightener, though. I actually have liked applying this over my Armani corrector for some nice brightness. I find this less brightening than the Estee Lauder BB highlighting pen which is better if you want really bright undereyes or something to be used anywhere on your face.

Sheer Lip Tint (Passion Fruit 1): This is just an easy, effortless way to add a pop of pink. The formula is excellent and I know this won’t be my last Sheer Lip Tint. I think more are being released for Summer 2014 and I have a feeling those will make their way to my home!


Easy Eyes: Perfectly Defined Gel Eyeliner (Scotch), Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner (Cocoa Mauve Ink), Long-Wear Cream Shadow (Beach Bronze 16), Shimmer Brick Eye Palette (Raw Sugar), Ultra Fine Eye Liner (Mini), Smokey Eye Mascara (Black)


Perfectly Defined Gel Eyeliner (Scotch): This is great for a tightline because it doesn’t smudge and it goes on smooth. It does have glitter in it, but I find you can’t really tell and it doesn’t seem to irritate my eyes at all.

Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner (Cocoa Mauve Ink): I’m not sure if you can get this color (I got in a kit at my CCO some time ago), but in general, these are great gel liners. They don’t ball up and they go on smooth. They are easy to apply and last all day. Yet, they magically come off at night pretty easily.

Long-Wear Cream Shadow (Beach Bronze 16): This is a really great base. Jess (find her here!) has mentioned these long-wear cream shadows in the past and I wanted one that was a meidum brown to layer colors over. This is great because it does last, it’s buildable and it’s got some sparkle!

Shimmer Brick Eye Palette (Raw Sugar): My serious, serious addition with this has gotten out of control. It’s smooth and shimmery. It applies nicely and adds a nice sheen to your lids. There really isn’t any glitter in here, just a nice sheen to add some fun to your eyes. I think this is great for all ages. Don’t dismiss this if you consider yourself “more mature” because I think you can still rock this and look beautiful with it!

Ultra Fine Eye Liner (Mini): I love using this for the gel eyeliners. I got this in the kit and I’m glad I pulled it out. It creates a nice sized line and makes application easy.

Smokey Eye Mascara (Black): I also got this in a kit and I really like it! It’s got a nice, deep color to it and really volumizes my lashes without clumping. A replacement for Le Volume de Chanel? Time will tell!


All the products on my face. I love this simple look that you can do everyday! Bobbi Brown, you’ve stole my heart. Products from Nordstrom, Saks & my CCO.


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