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Bobbi Brown Haul


Recently, eBates had 15% cash back on Nordstrom. I gladly took the opportunity to grab a few items on my Bobbi Brown wishlist.

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I feel like Bobbi Brown is a brand I should love, but I find it hard to find products I love. I do really like her shimmer bricks & gel eyeliner, but beyond that… So I have been stalking the counters endlessly swatching and looking up reviews. When the 15% cash back arose, I pounced… clearly.


I bought: Brush Cleaning Spray, Shimmer Brick Eye Palette (Raw Sugar, LE), Foundation Stick (Porcelain), Long-Wear Eye Base (Light), Art Stick (Sunset Orange), Creamy Matte Lip Color (True Pink), Perfectly Defined Gel Eyeliner (Scotch), Lip Gloss (Sailor – GWP), Illuminating Bronzing Powder (Telluride).

I haven’t really used the products, this is a “true haul”. So I can’t say too much about them yet.


The Raw Sugar palette was the biggest surprise of the bunch. I literally just added it into my basket last second. I am really glad I didn’t have time to think about it or I may not have purchased. It’s pretty tiny (which I did expect) but the colors are actually really nice. I love her shimmer bricks and the quality does seem to be there for this palette. I love the idea of just mixing colors and having fun. I love that it’s compact with a cute mirror. The Art Stick (I’ve already ordered another color) is a great lip-liner/lip stick/gloss in one product. It’s creamy, easy to use & comes with a sharpener. I really love them and it’s no surprise that these are getting so much hype. The eye base was also a quick last-minute add as I’m unhappy with my Nars pro prime. I think I got a bum bottle so I have been looking for something else. This might be the 1 item that goes back. We shall see.


A closer look of Raw Sugar palette. Sooooooo pretty & I love the shimmer! I’m sure you could wear on your face, too.


I’ve been searching for a red-toned bronzer and I saw this in Nordstrom last time I was in there. I think Bobbi does do a great job with bronzers and though it says “illuminating”, there’s no shimmer. It seems like it will be really natural and felt smooth in store and upon swatch. The foundation stick is one thing I thought was a great idea and Becca had fallen short on me. I love the idea of foundation & concealer in 1. These seemed creamy, but gave a semi-matte finish. Not sure about wear time, but these do seem like a great product and I think she did a great job with the re-formulation.


The eyeliner is quite pretty – a medium brown with sparkle. Uh, yeah. I kept staring at it when I swatched in store. I had a hard time picking a color but Scotch seemed like a great “everyday” liner. Her gel liners last all day so if this is the same, it will be great for tightlining. I love that it stays sharp and you don’t have to sharpen it. That gets… annoying. The lip gloss was free, but it looks like a really effortless color that will be great for summer… a GWP I might use! The lipstick was a recommendation by the lovely Lipstick Boulevards. Such a perfect rosy pink color! I was really surprised by the color, but I think it will be a great “hey, I’m effortless” lipstick.



Matte Lipstick in True Pink, Eyeliner in Scotch, Eye Base in Light, Art Stick in Sunset Orange, Foundation Stick in Porcelain, Illuminating Bronzing Powder in Telluride, Lip Gloss in Sailor


A few swatches of the Raw Sugar eyeshadow palette.

What are your loves from Bobbi Brown? I’m actually really excited for all these things and think they will be great staples in my bag. Maybe I should keep an eye on Bobbi.


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