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Chanel Illusion d’Ombre Swatches

Chanel Illusion d’Ombre eyeshadows are one of my all time favorite makeup products. Not sure if it’s the versatility, the sparkle, the unique texture, the lasting power or a combination of all of the above. I don’t thinking owning all 9 is a necessary, but I do think 1 or 2 is worth the $36 price tag. They all come with a brush that applies the unique formula nicely as a liner. My recommendation is to buy a darker shade as a liner or smoky color and a lighter shade as an everyday eye-opener. Below are some swatches and reviews of all 9 colors that were released to the US. I’ve also posted a video below of all the colors in action as well (so you can see how some are squishy, mushy or more like a pressed pigment). Click on images for full size version.


Probably one of the more popular shades, Mirifique is a beautiful black with silver sparkles in it. This is one of the very few black liners I can wear. The sparkles tend to tone down the color enough to make me look more sophisticated and less goth-wannabe. The texture is slightly mousse-y – I can move product around, though it’s more dense than a few of the other colors.


Illusoire is another popular color; mostly in part due to Lisa Eldridge. She did a quick, simple look using this as her shadow and liner. It’s a beautiful purple/deep lilac color that’s easy to wear.


This shimmery white color is one of the least favorites. However, it was the first one I bought. I love it – it’s easy to wear alone, in the corners of my eyes or swept over shadows for a quick sparkle. I bought it last summer and often find myself reaching for it. In the light, it’s a bright, beautiful white.


Emerveille is a golden-champagne color that most people wear as an eyeshadow base. That is typically how I wear it along with in the corners of my eyes. Doesn’t have to be worn on fair skin tones, darker complected gals can pull this beauty off, too.


This is a very pretty sea foam green with silver shimmer. This is another one that can be worn as a liner or all-over shadow. Epatant is probably one of my most neglected, but every time I wear it I always think “wow, I should do this more often!”.


Ebloui is a pretty brick red that often shifts to a deceiving dark mulberry brownish color. This is my favorite to wear as a liner as it’s subtle, yet defining.


This is a Nordstrom exclusive. I picked mine up in China when I went as it was an Asia exclusive at the time I went. It’s a pretty pick-me-up icy blue color that I like to wear on weekends all over the lid. The texture is very creamy and has a lot of movement to it in the jar.


A limited edition color that is pretty hard to find now, is one of my favorites. Who knew blue could look cool and not so 80’s? I suppose if anyone could have done it, it’d be Chanel. This color reminds me of blue jeans with shimmer (not sparkles).


Another limited edition color. It definitely ranked second to Apparition when released, but I love it more! I think I love it because it’s not dark, but it’s not just a light wash. It adds a little depth. One of my most reached for lately. It’s a medium blue color that gives me goosebumps! No sparkles, but you can see how reflective it is in the light. Mmmhrm….



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