Chanel Skincare Overview

Awhile back, I was searching for a high-end skincare line that was effective and pretty on the counter. I know, I know, but Nora was about 6 months old and I wanted to give myself a treat and also wanted something aesthetically pleasing. I wanted something simple, thoughtless & effective. Enter Chanel. I used the products for about 3 months straight and with the remaining products that I didn’t run out of, I now just intertwine throughout my skincare. Overall I will say that I really did like it, but when spring hit, along with my allergies, some of the products were literally not usable for me because of the fragrance. Why Chanel, why? I’m back to using some of the products, but I am really bummed that the fragrance alone is causing me to not repurchase because some of the products were quite good.


First, I’ll start with the cleansers.

LAIT CONFORT CREAMY CLEANSING MILK COMFORT +: I love that you can use this for face and eyes. This is fairly thick compared to other milk cleansers I’ve used in the past. I found it pretty effective – particularly as a first cleanse in the evening. It was really luxurious and quite good. The problem I had/have is that it has a really strong fragrance. Starting in the spring, I had to stop using for awhile and I’ve just gotten back into using small amounts avoiding my eyes. It’s really unfortunate because I love the texture & how effective it was!

LE BLANC BRIGHTENING PEARL SOAP: Love this but again, that freaking fragrance. I noticed it brightened my skin with regular use and felt quite good with a rich later on my skin. It was a great duo with the milk cleanser at night and quick and easy on it’s own in the am. The dish is freaking gorgeous. Without regular use, I didn’t find it as effective. Not a repurchase for me due to fragrance, but if you can stand it year round & regularly use, this was almost justifiable as a $60 soap.

MOUSSE EXFOLIANTE PURETÉ: I don’t have much good to say about this. The texture was nice, but I didn’t get any exfoliating vibe. Not mechanically or chemically. Really did nothing for me. Pass! Next please!

LOTION CONFORT SILKY SOOTHING TONER: This stuff is really nice. It does have a strong scent, but this feels SO good. My skin feels so refreshed when I use this. It was great to have because if I got lazy and didn’t cleanse my skin really well, this took the rest off. It also got deep into pores I felt like and also got out any remaining dirt/grime and left my skin nice and refreshed. My issue is the fragrance (sounding like a broken record much?). Though I will use this up and honestly, if I don’t find anything as comforting on the skin I might even consider repurchasing.

DÉMAQUILLANT YEUX INTENSE GENTLE BI-PHASE EYE MAKEUP REMOVER: I’ve used a full one of these up before so this was pretty easy purchase. I find it really effective to use, non-irritating and I also think it’s hydrating. Some found it oily, but I find it sinks in quickly and really helped get everything off that was remaining. It doesn’t irritate my eyes. Obviously, I’d repurchase this, but in my quest for cleaner products I might search for something else.



Next, let’s talk moisture!

LA SOLUTION 10 DE CHANEL SENSITIVE SKIN CREAM: Win, win, win. 10 ingredients, no fragrance & perfectly balanced. I went through this whole thing and I will make it mine again probably near the end of summer as I go through a few other products. I used it day & night and didn’t need anything else. The $80 is well worth it for as good of a product as this was. I highly recommend trying a sample if you can, but don’t say I didn’t warn you about the new addiction you’re about to face!

LE JOUR, LA NUIT, LE WEEKEND: I found a mini trio of the day, night & weekend serums (still available at This was a great way to get an extended trial of the products. Fragrance was borderline too much, but overall I could handle it in these products. The day and weekend were just ok. I will use up, but found them to not pack a big punch. If you have sensitive skin or not tolerant skin of glycolic and want to start a low dose, these might actually really work for you. I did, however, really love the night version. Added a lot of good moisture and found it worked really well with the solution 10 to even out my skin. I will miss it when it’s gone. I will try life without it, but will keep in the back of my mind if my skin texture reverts back to something less desirable.

HYDRA BEAUTY GEL YEUX HYDRATION PROTECTION RADIANCE EYE GEL: Win for me! If you light a light moisturizing gel, this is a great option. Feels good, sinks in quick, plumps skin & wears nice under makeup. Love the pump and the fact that it’s not exposed to the outside world so I can actually get through a full bottle. Doesn’t do anything for dark circles and won’t add a massive amount of hydration, but overall has kept my under-eyes looking nice.

ROUGE COCO BAUME HYDRATING CONDITIONING LIP BALM: I have used a bunch of this now and it is quite nice under lipstick and in the mornings. I like the convenience of a tube, but if you want SUPER hydrating (and from Chanel), I’d go with the one from the pot. I will finish this off but probably won’t be picking up again (though it’s luxe as hell and kind of glamours… shot, I might just buy again!).


That’s pretty much the skinny! I hope this was helpful – questions are welcome and encouraged. Below is what the front of my countertop looked like when I was only using these products. So pretty – might need to go back to fresh flowers in the bathroom!


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