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Eco Sun Protection

I am super excited to do this video and post! It’s a collab with one of my all time favorite people, Mercedes! She’s so smart, well spoken & has a killer sense of style/makeup. I love her philosophy on makeup and she’s a big reason I’ve turned further into the green beauty community and loving it! Visit her blog and her YouTube channel!

This post is going to be long/picture heavy so let’s just keep going!

First, I edited down the video/intro quite a bit because I am trying to be a little better about not making ridiculously long videos. I did a really fun & easy look that is heavy on the eco sunscreen. My picks were Tatcha Silken, Erin’s Faces Sheer Tint, Lily Lolo Powder & Ilia Lip Tint. I added some Terre Mere green shadow on top of a black line to add a little fun.

I also talked a bit about vitamin a. It’s a controversial ingredient, but based on a little digging I personally feel the risk is very low to use products containing vitamin a as long as they are in a product (ie not worn alone) and coupled with sunscreen. Do your own research (obvs) but this is, in a nutshell, what I’ve found. There was limited information, but it doesn’t seem harmful when placed in products and used with a little caution.




I also wanted to mention a few products that I don’t really love, but kind of rambled and ran out of time so let’s touch on that here, shall we? First is the Ilia Golden Tint which when I first used it, I was like “this is literally the worst!” I looked like a greasy golden hot mess in about 30 minutes. Now, I use a tiny amount if I haven’t put on makeup for the day before we go to the pool and re-apply as needed. I like it on my chest as well to give a golden glow. I don’t mind that it gets a little dewy when I am out by the pool and it’s easy to reapply.

The Ilia powder is also something I purchased and don’t really like. I find it hard to use and doesn’t have much staying power. It is nice to keep in a handbag; especially when we go out to lunch and eat outside and I want to make sure I have some extra protection. I’m pretty meh on this and wouldn’t recommend.

I also got the suntegrity lip balm. I like the texture, but the sun protection must have a pretty big white cast because I can definitely see it when I apply. I pat into my lips and it’s not a huge deal, but I’d recommend getting a brighter shade than sunny blush.


Next up, I featured some baby sun products that I’m loving as well! Babiators, this hat & babyganics sunscreen are some of my must-haves. The babyganics is a great mineral sunscreen and I stock up when Amazon (or another retailer) has 30% off.




I hope you guys have a great day & enjoy the looks we came up for you. If you have questions, let me know!

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