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Eminence Chai Berry Blush


So recently I’ve been into more “natural” beauty brands, particularly for skincare. As a product junkie, I’ve been totally convinced there are some hidden gems in the makeup world, too. No challenge too big or too small, I started searching for some items that would be good products regardless of their “natural” beauty label (let’s be honest, there’s still a lot of duds in this area though it has gotten better). I came across a few green beauty YouTubers that mentioned this Eminence blush so, naturally I ordered it on Amazon Prime and 2 days later I was seriously in love. The packaging I believe is bamboo and is very lightweight. Feels a little cheap, but I think that’s the nature of bamboo. It does have a magnet so it does stay closed even in a makeup bag.


You slide open the lid and, WHAM, beauty right in the face! The powder is smooth and silky. It lasts well on me (though I don’t normally have any issues). There’s something so simple, so understated about this blush that I can’t get over it. My husband even said “your makeup looks good today” and guess what I changed up? Yeah, a winner in my husband’s book too!


What I love about this is you can build and build and it never looks bad. It’s just so unbelievably gorgeous I can’t stop staring at it! If you have sensitive skin, this is the blush for you. There will be no irritation and it goes on super smooth. There’s a good amount of product so though you’re paying around NARS price range, you’re getting good ingredients and good amount of product as well.


Yeah, that’s the swatch in all it’s glory. No sparkle, just a nice sheen that looks completely natural and glowy. Oooohh baby! I will be wearing this in an upcoming blog post/video so no worries if you want to see this on my face. There’s another shade that’s more bronze and I think I need it in my life. And by think, I mean, Amazon Prime will be hit up after this post. This is for sure a hidden gem in the green beauty world. If you love green beauty and are struggling to get a good blush, you might want to start here.

You can purchase from Amazon (where I found mine) and other green beauty suppliers.

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  • Reply Stacie

    Ooh! That looks pretty! The packaging is interesting. Kinda fancier than all of the plastic that the high end brands use. Stacie xo

    June 2, 2015 at 9:03 am
  • Reply Maeve

    I’ve really been into the natural scene lately and I’ve been trying to find as many high performing lines as possible…this blusher might need to come home with me! Gorgeous!

    June 15, 2015 at 1:28 pm
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