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Techno Cupcake - First Look: Gucci Beauty - Techno Cupcake
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First Look: Gucci Beauty


Ah Gucci. I said I wouldn’t, but I so did. I so did hard. So many of you tagged me and asked, I really did this as a favor to you. Today, my first Gucci beauty order arrived. It all came in a pretty Gucci bag with pretty Gucci paper. It’s like I spend a day with champagne at the store, but FedEx man dropped it off. I found all my items at Gucci.com, but it will be released in department stores like Saks soon I believe. Frida Giannini is the creative director of Gucci and damn girl is amazing. I’m all for powerful women and she’s got some serious vision and talent. I had really high hopes for this brand and it didn’t disappoint. At all.


Obviously this is just a first look, but I did apply the makeup to get a little better feel of the situation. The packaging feels luxe and well thought out. Heavy, but balanced. Not like an expensive paperweight, but like good materials and the feel of the compact in your hand was well thought out. The larger face items like blush & bronzer came in pretty Gucci protective felt case that was embellished with the Gucci logo (photo above). I like the dimension of the packaging – the black & gold with the logo. Yes, in some cases it might seem a little over the top. But for goodness sake, it’s GUCCI! I think it totally aligns with the brand and what it exemplifies and it’s what makes it standout. I picked out 6 items to start to get a feel for the brand. I wasn’t planning on buying more anytime soon, but after the initial application, I’m heading over to Gucci to look at more. It’s totally dramatic and subtle all at the same time. The textures are amazing and I’m totally hooked already.


First I’ll start with what Frida says is her number 1 pick in the line: the mascara. I bought the Iconic Black Opulent Volume Mascara. This was the one item I actually needed because I needed a new mascara, so I thought I’d really this and I really love so far. It’s a little wet, but it gives a lot of volume, but not chunky at all. It’s very black but even pale skinned folk like myself won’t look ridiculous with it on. The packaging is really cool with it’s sleek black lacquer finish and Gucci logo in black on the tip. I’m totally in love with the square packaging, too.


The wand is very plastic and almost looked a little bent when I pulled it out. I am not sure if that was intentional or not. It didn’t clump and was really intense after just one application. Though it seemed a bit wet, it dried pretty quickly. It says it’s ophthalmologically tested, so I suppose that can’t hurt. Though I don’t think “ophthalmologically” is a word, so they may have us all duped on that.


Next, the bronzer in Carribean Ochre. This was the lightest shade and I think I am really going to love it. It has the pretty Gucci logo embossed in the powder and it’s not just a light overspray, but looks like it will be throughout the powder. It’s so excessive, I’m obsessed. I tried really hard to get the color correct in the photo above. It’s more bronze than I thought, but it does have some slight peach. I didn’t really know what to expect, but it is really pigminted, but blended so gorgeous that this will be my new go-to bronzer. It gives a really ethereal glow that’s effortless and pretty.


The compact opened up to a pretty round brush reminiscent of Chanel brushes in their bronzer compacts. I love how it opens up and the compact doesn’t feel like a ridiculous beast of a compact. It’s a nice mirror and I liked that the brush is embedded in the bottom and you don’t have to carry separate if you wanted to use it.


I picked up a liner and this one really surprised me. The color I settled on is Iconic Ottanio, Impact Long Wear Eye Pencil. This was way more blue than I expected. I thought it would be a little more green, but it’s a blue for sure. While really pretty, I do feel like the color is a color I could dupe in my collection. That said, it’s smooth and seems extremely long wearing. I never really believe that, but it’s not budging on me at all and liner ALWAYS budges. I’m going to go after the brown next because I think this will actually last on me which most others never do. It glides on super smooth and comes with a sharpener. Although the color didn’t wow me in terms of what I expected, the formula is on track to be a complete winner so I will wear this and I will buy more if the longevity proves out.


I had to pick a blush and this is where I really struggled. I finally landed on Coral Flower Sheer Blush. The powder also has Gucci all up over it’s business, but I like. This blush is SMOOTH. Like silk. Holy. Moly. It’s not coral at all, which I should have known because the online photo shows a pretty pink blush and this is, in fact, a pretty pink blush. So I’m more confused by the name more than anything, but it’s a really pretty bright pink that’s super wearable and buildable. I applied and my reaction was “ohhhh”. It looks soft and stunning on and despite the name snafu, I really love this blush and I’m really happy with it. The finish is slight satin & doesn’t seem to have any glitter, just some reflective glow that gives it that more satin finish. I’ll be going back for more of these as more people show swatches.


I held myself to 1 single shadow. I picked Iconic Bronze, which is a copper bronze shade. Ohmigawd this is pretty. Like, crap I need more. Again with the print, but there was a lot of glitter when I opened. I don’t mind, but I was slightly worried. It seems to apply fine, I’ll see over the next day or so if it migrates, but nothing is suggesting it will so far. The glitter translates really well, but it does go on a little sheer. It looks a little more copper on than in the packaging.


Compact is sleek and weighty. Not cheap, but no excess packaging. No applicators, which I don’t mind one bit. There was no fall-out, despite the glitter bomb inside. I did apply with a dense brush that was meant for creams that I think really helped. It swatched a tad patchy, but seemed to build fine when I applied it on the lids.


And last I got a lipstick – Magnolia Pink. I have very mixed feelings on this. I do like the formula, but it seems to cling to dry spots a tag. The color is literally gorgeous and I’m loving it. Though I’m happy where I’m at with Gucci lipsticks. The formula doesn’t have me screaming for more like a Nars Audacious or a Chanel Rouge Allure. Packaging is pretty and I do like the scent, but it’s highly scented. If you don’t like that, you definitely need to pass on these. The color is pretty and it seems to wear well, so I’m not mad I have it, but I am not intrigued enough to go get more. I’d say if you’re overwhelmed on the collection, pass on the lipsticks. They are pretty, they do seem to wear well, but they aren’t super special in my opinion.


Swatches l-r: Magnolia Pink lipstick, Carribean Ochre bronzer, Coral Flower blush, Iconic Bronze eyeshadow & Iconic Ottanio eyeliner.


All products are on my face. I couldn’t resist. This shows the shadow and how it relates to the pan. It goes on not quite as deep and more copper than in the pan. The glitter DOES translate and looks REALLY pretty. I totally love!


Here is a good way to see the liner, mascara & how well that bronzer blends into my skin. I was scared, but it blends like a dream. And that mascara? Forget about it. So pretty. That’s 1.5 coats.

Well, I hope this gives you a peak! I do hope to do a video this weekend!

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  • Reply Agata

    Ohh how beautiful, even the packaging alone! The bronzer looks gorgeous! So does the eyeshadow.

    September 25, 2014 at 12:53 pm
    • Reply Andie

      I love it all so far! Even though I probably won’t pick up another lipstick, it’s all pretty lovely!!! The eyeshadow is amazing! I’m trying to decide on a palette!

      September 25, 2014 at 8:33 pm
  • Reply Makeupremastered

    Hello Gucci!!-you have some great products-wish I could get some NOW!!-so much to choose from so pls get some more so I can choose from ur great pics!!????

    September 26, 2014 at 4:59 am
    • Reply Andie

      You don’t have to twist my arm! Hehe

      September 26, 2014 at 8:27 am
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