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Guestroom Prep

We have someone visiting our house soon & this time I went through the bathroom and bedroom and got rid of all the old stuff and started fresh. We have someone here in September & my parents are coming in December (I’ll have to update with the extra special stuff I got for when she comes!) and it’s not rare we have random guests. This post is coming from not finding a ton of good information online. I found a couple of decent ideas from Pinterest, but nothing covering the whole bedroom and bathroom, so I thought this might be helpful.


The bedroom was re-done over Christmas last year. I put a thinner cover on the bed as apparently it gets hot in there (or so my mom says… I think it’s hot flashes, but whatever hehe) and instead of putting up a headboard, we put up ledges with photos. We also got a dresser for the TV to sit on as well as for guests to put clothes in if they want (yes, I keep them relatively empty). I also put up curtains and shades to keep out the sun. We just bought a nice fan for the room instead of a ceiling fan so we could use it for other parts of the house.


As for the photos, something we’ve learned is that they weren’t on there very well so when my mom thought she’d put a fan in the room, some started falling off. So we have now secured them to the wall. We also have a leaning desk in there that matches our entertainment system should we ever want to add-on to it. It also serves as a place for people to do makeup and such.

Here’s what we’ve learned the essentials are over time of having the guest room:
Fan and space heater (it’s in the closet for winter)
Blinds and/or curtains
Flat space to get ready
Hanging or folding space for clothes
Bag rack (we have it in the closet)
Extra blankets (in chest)
WiFi password card
TV (this is optional, but everyone that uses that room uses the TV and appreciates it’s existence)

Now you might have noticed that tray with a box in the room. That is something a little newer I’ve been doing. Often we get these items, but they may be spread out throughout the house. Or sometimes when it’s just my mom, I actually wrap her a gift and get her nicer gift sets. However, I really love the idea of putting something together for guests that’s accessible when they first walk in. Here’s what my box contains…


In the box:
Snacks (trail mix) & water
Wisps (I often use or save what’s leftover in the bag)
Individual Razor (I found men’s and woman’s at Target)
Soap and Face Wash (I get discounted high quality brands at Nordstrom Rack)
Haircare (dry shampoo, hair spray – I have other items stocked in shower like shampoo)
Sunscreen, Static Guard, Wrinkle Release & Linen Sprays
Face, Bathroom & Hand wipes
Cotton Rounds & Q-Tips
Skincare… I go crazy with these items (Clarins, Bliss, La Mer & Philosophy)
Body care like hand lotion and body lotion
Nail polish remover
Hand sanitizer

You may or may not be thinking that I missed a few items like tooth brush, but I keep those items stocked separately in our guest bathroom. I have started putting all travel items in the guest bathroom or bedroom so I can easily find them when we travel. In the drawers you’ll find…


First aid, band aids & neosporin
Meds like Advil, Airborne, & Tums
Nail care like file & clippers
Tooth items like Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, etc
Shower cap
Baby Powder
[Bottom drawer is for extras]
Tampons, bathroom wipes
Individual razors
Face scrub
Bath & body oil


I also keep a few things behind the toilet on a shelf. I find this is nice and I used to have a candle but it was never lit so it was replaced with room spray. I keep soaps, cleaner (that new Windex cleaner called dab & go is perfect for guests) & nice lotions on hand. Depending on what’s going on (like if we are having a party) I’ll actually place items out like the extra bathroom wipes or tampons.


This is the instance I wish we had a before and after. The bathroom was getting to be kind of a random pile of things. I took off the shower caddy over the shower head and replaced it with this smaller corner shelf that has what you’d need plus some room. I also got those super cool Superhuman dispensers for shampoo and conditioner so you don’t have extra bottles hanging around. They are so cool, I am totally going to get the set of 3 for our bathroom!

I hope that was helpful! Below are the credits where I purchased some of the larger items. We defiantly did this over time and didn’t spend a ton of money. Oh and I forgot to mention my brother works for an airline so he gets free flights for himself & my parents. Because of that, they fly standby so they often don’t have room for liquids or other items. That is a big reason why I stock so much.

Buying Guide:
Sheets from Potterybarn Teen
Quilt & curtains from Target
Dresser, ledges, picture frames & side table from Ikea
Desk from Crate and Barrel
Mirror and accessories in bedroom from Bed, Bath & Beyond
Drawers in bathroom from Target and knobs from Anthropologie
Rug & shower curtain from Anthropologie
Side shelf and dispensers from Bed, Bath & Beyond

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  • Reply Gillian

    You certainly make your guests feel welcome! I’ve always loved when my friends’/family’s guest rooms are well stocked so you never have to ask them for anything extra!

    PS – What’s on the shelf that looks like a jar of sugar? Body scrub?

    Love it!

    September 14, 2014 at 6:51 pm
    • Reply Andie

      It is bath salts actually! I need to replace but I didn’t want to just throw out (I’m sure they are still good) so I keep them in there!

      September 15, 2014 at 11:04 pm
      • Reply Gillian

        Of course it is! DUH! Totally had a brain freeze moment or I probably would have realized that!!! I’ve never used bath salts so they don’t come to mind easily 🙂

        September 17, 2014 at 1:52 pm

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