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A week or so ago I posted about a couple Healthy, Sexy Hair products I bought. There’s 2 in particular I want to talk about – the Soy Leave In Conditioner & Soy Renewal.

Soy Leave In ($14)
I have super long, tangly hair. I’ve been looking for a good detangler for a long time, but not had a lot of luck. I needed one that made my hair smooth & shiny but also helped remove knots when I brushed my hair. I only wash my hair once a week, so I needed one that also was lightweight & doesn’t make my hair greasy. I thought I’d never find one that would meet all these requirements, then I tried Soy Leave In. Angels came down. This paired with my tangle teaser has made my hair so much easier to manage – particularly when wet. I used to not even be able to brush my hair wet. Now, it’s not a problem. I apply when my hair is wet. It keeps my hair tangle free. No greasy hair – no matter how much I applied. I love it!

Soy Renewal ($19)
I picked this up on a whim as it was buy 2 get 1 free and I’ve heard Argan Oil is good for your hair. I put a tiny amount in my hair when my hair is still damp, after using the leave-in comditioner. The conditioner made my hair manageable, but this left my hair sleek and smooth. No fly-aways and really soft hair. You need the smallest amount – I use about a pea size or smaller for my hair that is almost to my waist. What I love about this is even though it’s an oil, it still doesn’t make your hair greasy and you can use on wet or dry hair. Sometimes I do another treatment during e week to keep my hair smooth.

I really recommend both products. I like the Soy Renewal better than my Moroccan oil. Both are great, but I particularly find the top on the Soy Renewal easier to dispense product. Both can be purchased at Beauty Brands, Ulta or other stores that carry Big Sexy hair products. Usually Beauty Brands & Ulta have better sales on the products.

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