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Home Haul: The Honest Company


It came! It came! My most recent Honest Company Haul! I’ve been hearing a lot about The Honest Company lately and they recently started selling in Target, so I had to check it out. A few mom’s on YouTube did some video reviews on products and it was actually quite interesting to hear their thoughts. I’m not a mom (well, only to the little fur-ball Molly), but I think it’s crazy for me not to get on in the action. They have really expanded their brand since they’ve started and if you were like me and thought it was only stuff for mom and baby, I encourage you to take a second look!


The first 2 things I bought were the dish rinse and the pods for your dishwasher. Both had really excellent reviews and my husband & I have really hard water. It’s making our glasses really cloudy so I am really excited to give both of these a whirl.


I got the Stain Remover, which I hear works miracles. I hear if you are a mom, this is a must-have. This might be one to add to your list. I got the fruit and veggie wash which seems to do pretty good. I wanted something easy to spray on to all the fruit & veggies we’ve been getting lately. This seems like it’s going to do the job so far. Last I got the multi-surface cleaner. We are actually in the middle of re-doing our counter tops, but we are also getting stone in the bathroom. It’s a pain to have separate cleansers for each type. The ones I’ve used in the past smell funny and I like this one. I haven’t really given all these products a super serious try, but this also seemed promising. I have a really strong feeling these 3 particular items are going to be ones that I like but don’t realize how much I love until they’re gone. You watch.


So… What is it?: This is actually a monthly subscription box. Who knew? Though, it’s not like a typical home subscription box. You choose the frequency (4, 6 or 8 weeks) and you can stop at any time. They are $35 for the bundle I got, but you can add extras and customize to your needs. If you fill your box and want more items, you get a discount. While they do sell items at Target now, they do not carry the entire line and you cannot obtain the discount. I’d rather order the bundles and save right now. Though as I need 1-off items, it will be good for me to know some staples are sold at Target.

So… Who it’s for: anyone really. There’s tons of items from baby, home, vitamins, etc. Like I said, I’m not a mom but was excited to try these items.

What I’m thinking now: The items seem good so far and I’ll update as I use them. Though, I have a few friends who are expecting and I think this would make a really good gift. They can customize it and it’s delivered to their door. They can cancel if they want and there’s no hassle. I like that.

I’m really excited to try all the things and I’m already planning my next box. If you have any recommendations, please let me know! I’d love to hear your experience. And if you haven’t tried, go sign up!

Please note: by following this link I gain a credit to The Honest Company if you sign up and make a purchase. Anyone can sign up and do the same thing. The company does not know who I am nor am I affiliated in any way with them.

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