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Horizon VS Wicked

I have had one of those days. Overwhelming, feeling so unaccomplished and burnt out. It took forever to get ready this morning which resulted in being later to work than I would have liked on a Friday. Then, when I forgot my badge, I whipped around only to have my iPhone do a face-plant on the asphalt. Asphalt = winner. Another iPhone case bites the dust.

Though, there’s beauty in every day. I got my Nordstrom order (which, eBates is still running 14% cash back by the way!). I thought I’d have to go out of my way to buy the Guerlain BB cream that’s back ordered, only to find out it shipped early. Then, someone commented on one of my YouTube videos. I have to say, it’s still scary to me to sit in front of a camera, but all the comments and love is very encouraging. So thanks!

I got the question how does the Tom Ford Wicked blush compare to Chanel’s Horizon de Chanel LE blush? I thought they’d be insanely different, only to find out they are a close match! I snapped a picture where I found them to be most different, but truthfully, these are quite similar and I can’t imagine a huge difference when applied to the cheeks.

Chanel’s Horizon is more fuchsia in some lights, but also has some peach in it as well. You can see in the photo Horizon has some peachy undertones. Both have very similar micro-shimmer and shine. The Wicked seemed more frosty. Though Horizon seemed a bit more dimensional in terms of color, Wicked seemed more dimensional in finish. Tom Ford has a better, more velvety texture as well. Though I think you probably don’t need both (oops!). If you want a bluer pink, I’d go with Wicked. If you want a peachier pink, Horizon will work for you.

Hope you found that helpful. Have a great weekend!


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