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Techno Cupcake - Little Barn Apothecary: Top 5 - Techno Cupcake

Little Barn Apothecary: Top 5


If you follow me on Instagram (shameless plug: @technocupcake), than you know I’ve had a slight obsession with Little Barn Apothecary. And by slight, I mean I’ve damn well bought the whole store by now. Since I’ve been gone for awhile (going to breeze over that little factoid…) I thought it’d be good to start of light and breezy with my top 5 products I’ve been trying out so far.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let me just say why I love this brand as a whole. It’s simple, no fuss and perfect for everyone. Prices are reasonable (my two biggest purchases were made with 25% off and 22% off discounts, so watch their instagram & facebook for promos). Nothing I’ve bought so far has been a disappointment. In fact, my 3rd order (and the final items in the store for that matter most likely) should be arriving early next week. So I’m by no means saying these are the best 5 of all time, these are just my 5 standouts, but I’d be happy to answer any questions you have on the other items in the meantime.

I actually found these 2 guys via Instagram. They liked one of my posts and I was intrigued. The rest is history. These guys hand make their products in small batches and even grow a lot of their own ingredients. Uh, yeah… sign me up. They truly are simple, no fuss, no muss but must-haves for me now.

Sun Body Oil

Sun has been a great surprise. I’m a product junkie, which includes body care, and I’m rarely blown away. This stuff has really blown me away. It makes my skin so soft I can hardly stand it and it stays moisturized for at least 24 hours. That never happens to me; like ever. I put a little on after I take a shower or bath, primarily on my legs. This stuff runs out fast and I wish it came with a pump (hint). And when I say fast, I mean fast. I usually place the top in the palm of my hand and tip over and do small sections at a time instead of pouring out. The ingredients are hemp seed oil, sunflower oil, jojoba oil & essential oil blend. That’s it. Seriously. It smells like a meadow and is very comforting and uplifting. I don’t feel like the scent lingers too long, but I can smell it on application. I don’t find it to mix with my perfume if I put it on the morning, but it smells so good I don’t think I’d care. It sinks in pretty quickly but I usually apply before bedtime. It’s so good I just bought the brother, moon. Because I’m pretty sure I need it.

Simple Lip Balm

I’m really shocked at how much I love this balm because I’ve tried all kinds of balms from La Mer, By Terry, etc. This sucker was $7 regular price. It’s also vegan which is great and hard to find. This really hydrates the lips without feeling heavy. Even though it has peppermint in it, there’s no real tingle too it. It feels more refreshing – like how your mouth feels after you brush your teeth. My favorite ingredient has to be the lemon grass because I love the zest of lemon paired with the peppermint. I apply this usually at night, but occasionally in the morning. It has lots of waxes so it’s not the best if you are putting on something over the top, but I actually like applying a thin layer before wearing a long-wear lip product like Bobbi Brown Art Sticks. I am really bummed I forgot to add this to my most recent order because I would have liked one for my handbag. The only things that I don’t love is that it comes in a tin which isn’t the most luxe and the top has a ring of product and I keep putting the base of the product in the lid causing a mess. It’s no big deal but not the most luxurious of packaging.



Cassia Rosewood Soaking Salts

I bought a kit that came with three travel/small sizes of the soaking salts. I was really surprised that this one was my favorite. I just bought the full size because I’m so in love. It smells amazing you guys – like sitting in a wooded rose garden. I was sure peppermint would be my favorite, but this was my clear favorite! I love all the bath salts because one of the main ingredients is the epsom salts. I noticed after the first time my muscles felt so good and they have been feeling great with regular use. They completely dissolve in the bath (minus the small non-salt ingredients), which is a huge plus. These are great if you want great smell with the added bonus of the epsom salts.


Balancing & Age Defying Toner

This is the product I unfortunately love. Why? It’s second ingredient is raw apple cider vinegar behind water so it smells like… raw apple cider vinegar. I don’t love that smell at all, but it has been the only thing to help with the redness in my skin since getting all knocked up and whatnot. I’ve tried lots of things like Sunday Riley Luna, which seemed to make the problem worse for me (am I the only one?!). The good news is that the scent fades quickly so I can take it like a woman and bare it. It settles on the skin nicely and hot damn if it hasn’t made my skin soft as a baby’s behind. It’s very gentle and balancing and, though I hate to admit it, the vinegar is really soothing on skin; especially after sun! The best part of all is it doesn’t make me feel bad at all that I had to skip a $105 item and got along great with this $12 product (which I got for under $10 with my discount I found!).


Simple Face Oil

This is genius in a bottle. For $20, I can’t believe how effective and amazing this product is. I was a little nervous about using this because it’s loaded with oils that would, on the surface, seem to leave the skin pretty oil-tastic. Though somehow, it does sink in to the skin. My face literally drinks it. My skin hasn’t broken out at all (again, the oils seem like they would be heavy so I was really nervous). I don’t mix with anything, I pat a few drops into my face at night. What I like about this is it seems to leave my skin legit glowing and deeply hydrated that I don’t need to apply every night. I usually alternate between this and another moisturizer and it’s working out great. Though it does sink into the skin not leaving you greasy at all, it can take a little bit so I tend to skip in the am unless it’s a weekend or I’m not going to be applying makeup right away. It goes on clear though it’s yellow in the bottle.

So there you have it, folks. I’m glad to be back and I hope you enjoyed. Maybe next will be a video? Who knows. I can conquer the world now! Be sure to comment and share. Thanks so much for your patience! I really appreciate all the kind words and thoughtfulness. You guys are so kind and amazing!

And finally, I must disclose, Little Barn Apothecary did not approach me in any way except liking my photo. I was not sent any products for free and I am not even being asked to do the review. I just like ’em. I’m kind of tired of watching YouTube and reading blogs were 90% is a sneaky paid-for advertisement. No tricks here, folks. All treats! But hey, if LBA wants to send me the rest of their store, I’d gladly take it!

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