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Louisville Bats

Colin & I went to the bats game yesterday.  I took some video of some of the stuff that went on – the Chicago Boys were there… whatever that is.  There was an adorable little boy that did all kinds of tumbling and such with a few older guys that did more complex stuff.  I recorded on my camera, not with my normal video camera.  The quality is ok, but I’m still not great with that thing.  It was hard to hold steady and figure out how to focus.  Nonetheless, you’ll get the point I’m sure.  The Bats won 8-3 and it misted the end of the game, but it was still pretty fun.  I went to LUSH as well.  When my order from the UK comes in (hopefully soon), I’ll do a haul blog since I know my mom was curious!

{LUSH stuff. Some was for my friends… not all of it was for me. Shucks.}

{The Bats mascot was awesome. Always out dancing and meeting with people.}

{This lady is a big reason why you go to Bats games. Her cookies are amazing!}

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