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I have a mild LUSH addiction. And by mild, I mean out of control. I get a lot of questions on how I store my stuff & what I would recommend to someone who is new to the brand. While I love it all, there are a few things I’d recommend. If you live near a store, my #1 recommendation is the fresh face masks. You can only buy @ the store and they are made will all fresh ingredients, so they must be kept in the fridge. A sales associate can help you find the right one. My favorite is cupcake. Go figure. Love lettuce is also a great one for silky skin.

If you order online, my top 2 products to try are shampoo bars & bubble bars. The shampoo bars have all performed as described. I hate the smell of Soak & Float, but it keeps my scalp itch free, so I suck it up. The rest smell great. As for bubble bars, the Comforter is a sure bet.

While I do love their skincare, that is so subjective. I personally have had good luck and will probably stick with it for awhile, but if you’re in the market for great haircare, I’d check it out. LUSH counters are notorious for giving away samples, so I’d ask for haircare if you don’t want to spend the money on it right away. My shower will never be without BIG shampoo or American Cream Conditioner. I’ve used all the hair mask conditioners and all have left my hair silky smooth (I only use about 1/5 of the bottle at a time, but they still work great). I also used R&B recently and not only does it smell great, but no fly-aways and my hair doesn’t get greasy from it.

Lastly, body butters. I love King of Skin & Buffy. Both are re-purchases for me, the others are ok, but for me are not quite as moisturizing. I do keep them outside of my shower at all times. Oh and Sugar Babe sugar scrub is amazing. I pound it with a hammer in the bag and break it a part and store it in a container next to the shower as well… I’m sure there’s more…

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