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MAC Palettes

I’m so excited for this! There are new(er) MAC palettes that were released a few months ago. They have… wait for it… clear tops! They are so sleek and beautiful and I’m in love. If you are a pro makeup artist, this are great because they are see-through BUT they are also thicker than the previous MAC pallets (photos below). My guess is they will also scratch easier. As a non-pro I think they are wonderful. I wanted a Z-palette for a long time but never picked one up because of cost (plus shipping) and they are made of cardboard. Even in photos and videos they look cheap. The MAC palettes are made of nice plastic and just feel and look better. They are cheaper (if you buy the comparable Z-palette size), BUT they become more expensive if you purchase an insert.

MAC palettes sell for $18 and $9 for an insert. Z-palette Pro size that is the same as the MAC palettes are $25 plus shipping. I’m in the process of de-potting some of my Wet-N-Wild eyeshadows as well (already did all my MAC shadows) to put in an old MAC palette to get use out of it. Luckily, I only bought 1 MAC palette in the past so I could actually justify getting the new ones.

For pro’s, the things to consider are the thickness and the fact that you can’t flip around the top like a Z-palette. For regular Joe’s like myself, I like the fact that you can buy inserts separately and, of course, the clear tops. I even have one without an insert and because it’s deeper, you can store brushes in it when you travel.

The blush insert holds 6 blushes and without it you can hold 8 blushes. The shadow insert holds 15 shadows and without it you can hold 24 shadows. All-in-all, it’s true love.

Also, to pop out the inserts is very simple. I pick to opposite edges and do a slight twist (push on one side, pop-up on the other) and they come out without issues or damaging my product. I’ve heard others say they are very difficult to remove and I didn’t find that to be true.

They come with plastic on the top. No scratches… yet. 🙂

Depth difference. The new is about double that of the old. The other dimensions are very similar.

How the inserts show up.

The new versus the old. The old used to come with the insert already installed.

The blush with 6 pan insert.

The eyeshadow with 15 pan insert. Some de-potted from MAC with magnets placed on the back.

No insert, can hold anything with magnets plus brushes due to larger depth.

Here’s how they look in my drawer. Be-u-teee-ful!


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