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Non-Toxic & Cruelty Free Beauty Loves

June has been a really good beauty month. I have enjoyed so many new products that I’m excited to share with you. Most of them just happened to be all non-toxic & cruelty free so I thought I’d just do my entire face along those same lines. Below is my view w/ an application at the end & below is the products I’ve been loving!

First, let’s talk hair. I’m not a huge hair fan (I’m sure you’re shocked since it’s in a messy bun 90% of the time). Lately I have gotten a few blow-outs at a local salon and been loving the products they have been using. They pretty much exclusively use the brand Davines. I honestly enjoy so many products (and have so many more on my list), but I thought I’d mention the blow dry spray (which hopefully will be sold online soon) and the dry shampoo. The dry shampoo I really use as a volumizer and I kind of love. For those of you looking for high-quality sustainable hair care, this brand seems pretty amazing.


Next a few skincare items this month! Fitglow Beauty has really been jiving with my skin lately. I feel like they don’t get enough love for me since I don’t tend to mention skincare as often as I probably should. The scrub/mask duo is amazing. The scrub is lightweight, but gets the job done (and smells effing amazing) and the detox mask revives my skin with no tugging, tingling or felling like I need to jump in the water to get more hydration. Tatcha also has a great new lightweight moisturizer out that is perfect for layering with sunscreens &/or tinted moisturizers. I also have been a fan of Silken primer for a long while now. It really does help with the longevity of my makeup, has an SPF & fills in pores.


Next, I’m all about the skin. These products are pretty much all favorites as of the last few months. Erin’s Faces creamy concealer is easy to blend, lasts fairly well and really erases any darkness under my eyes. 14e Cosmetics foundation has been a serious favorite – I love the finish and the coverage. My advice if you’re nervous is to take advantage of their sample program. Fitglow eye bright is always a favorite. W3ll People concealer is lightweight and a little goes a long way. I love it all over my face. Sometimes I layer Erin’s Faces on top, sometimes not.

I also wanted to quickly mention the Erin’s Faces eye primer. I wasn’t sold on it at first and I was hoping to find a way to use it. Sometime I do that really seems to be working is to blend it in with my finger then buff out with a brush. I’m not sure why the heck that works so well, but it makes a HUGE difference in how well that base works.



A serious love is my Vapour Beauty multi-stick in Crush. So, so pretty and perfect for a fresh summer face. I am surprised I don’t hear more about the Fitglow mascara. Though there’s no waterproof claims, it lasts much better than any other green mascara I’ve tried & doesn’t flake. I also love my Ilia “Call Me” lip pencil. It’s not my all time favorite formula, but it does last fairly decently, doesn’t dry out my lips & I do love the finish. It’s not super long wearing, but that effing color is perfection; let’s just be real on that!


The eyes have it this month. My super favorite is the Erin’s Faces gel liner. Lasts & lasts… no smudging and easy to apply. So many compliments when I wear this! I also learned the secret to fairy dust is to press into the skin. It doesn’t look like glitter at all when pressed gently into the skin. I now add to my eyes, face and any place else needing shimmer. Her shadows are really nice and Sandstone is a favorite for an all-over punch. I sometimes put Earth in the crease for dimension. I used sculpt from Fitglow because I think this needs a little love, too. It is neutral and warm all in one so it’s perfect for face (bronzer/contour), shadow and brows. It’s matte so don’t worry about the shimma shimma.



Next let’s talk beauty tools. Gressa foundation brush blends out my entire life followed by blending the rest of my life with Jenny Patinkin. Jenny’s brushes are cruelty free, but still use natural hair. They are super luxe; I own 3 and want more for sure! The Antonym long shader is perfect for all over lid colors.



The standouts for me are the Gressa & Jenny Patinkin brushes, Erin’s Faces gel liner, Vapour Crush blush & 14e Cosmetics foundation. The Fitglow mascara (and eye bright) and the w3ll people concealer have been reoccurring favorites so I’d be doing no one any favors by not mentioning them!


Some swatches for you! Fitglow Sculpt, Erin’s Faces Sandstone, Ilia Call Me, Vapour Crush & Erin’s Faces Fairy Dust. Below is the look on!



I hope you enjoyed and had a great month. No links are affiliate links. Fitglow sent their new scrub and face mask to me with an order I placed; opinions always honest as per usual.

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