Nora’s 3 Months!

For the first couple months of Nora’s life, I really did love her but was still a tad underwhelmed. I mean, she was cute and all don’t get me wrong, but she was just a little thing that really just slept, ate and slept and ate some more. I remember the first time she seemed to smile on purpose was a really, really cool experience… but she was probably around 6 weeks when that happened consistently. Now, at 3 months I finally feel like I’m starting to “get” this whole mom thing.

Shockingly enough, I don’t think all mom’s instantly bond or feel a connection with their baby. When Nora was first born, I didn’t really have anything bad to say about it but I didn’t really have all those other explosively big feelings a lot of other mom’s seem to have, either. One of my friends was saying how she wished she had given birth to a cool 2-year-old. I totally get what she’s saying. I’ve had other mom’s that said once they are born, it’s an instant connection. Just like being pregnant and being a mom, I’d say it depends. I felt like I should say this to warn you that if you felt a little like “when’s all that super-mushy maternal stuff kick in?” you’re not the only one. And to say that the older she gets, the more I feel that way towards her.

Now, she smiles. A lot. She’s giggling… sometimes. She does crunches and has a way stronger core than me. She sits up (with a little assistance). She can roll when swaddled (so now, no more swaddling). She hates tummy time. She can hold her wubanub. She loves sights and sounds. She loves baby tv probably way too much. But she’ll talk to the tv when it’s on and tell them how it is. She loves music a lot. At first I wasn’t sure, but now I think she actually bobs her head to music. She has a jumper that she’s too short for, so she just leans to one side and jumps on one leg. She can sit up on her own for short periods of time now, too.

All babies are different and will do things in their own time. My point with all these things is that she’s becoming her own tiny human. Before, it was crying for 2 reasons – hungry or sleepy. Now, things actually make her mad or surprise her. Molly still hates her, but Nora thinks Molly is the bees knees.

Even now, in the middle of writing this post, she woke up and I went into her room to help her with her pacifier and she just lit up when she saw me. I can’t wait until she can reach for things and more of her personality comes out. She’s still a good eater and very long. I think I’m going to do a whole other post on pumping and going back to work, so that’s to come. I started a post previously but hadn’t gone back to work when I started it so now that I’m in a routine and figured out a few more things, there should be some more baby posts soon. If you have a baby, what cool things are to come? I’m pretty excited to see what I’ll be updating you on next month!

Nora loves her high chair… even though she can’t eat solid foods yet!
xoxo, Andie

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