Nora’s 4…& 5… Months!


Time sure does fly. Nora’s flown by the 4 month mark and onto the 5th month already! I can’t even believe it! As you can imagine, lots has happened since she was a little squirt. She’s still growing like a weed and loves eating. She’s still in the high percentiles for height/weight and head size. Some babies start to fall off, and Nora’s staying the course. Will be interesting to see where she falls during her 6 month visit!

I have so many things I feel like I NEED to share with you – from gadgets to gizmos – that I just don’t have the time at the moment. I need to get back on track. I feel like one of the nice things about recently is that I’ve created a good routine that’s lasted longer than a hot minute. House, work, her daycare… all seems to be going at a nice, predictable pace. I hope I can get to taking photos soon (that’s the real hold up… I actually have a bunch of 1/2 written posts w/ no photos!) that will get me back on the path!

So, as for Nora… She weights well over 16lbs… almost 17lbs when we weighed her today. She’s a very serious baby, but she knows how to giggle and smile. She CAN roll over, but she doesn’t hardly at all! She has really good head control and getting better at her motor skills every day. I think rolling just kind of freaks her out. She actually loves standing so I’m not too scared because I think she’ll be an early walker by the looks of it. She sits really well and has started making more and more complex noises. She LOVES lights. Like, seriously.

She’s gotten lots more fun and though people say not to have her be in a hurry to move, I’m excited for all the next phases. As for me, breastfeeding is going well still. I feel pretty lucky, but I hate pumping at work. Mostly because there are so many nursing mom’s, I have to stick to an extremely rigid schedule and that’s not my style at all. She loves the bottle or the boob. She can sleep through the night, but usually wakes up around 4am right now (we put her to bed around 7 or 7:30 though) and then a quick pacifier in the mouth and she’s back to bed. We have her in a Magic Merlin suit that helps a ton, but it’s really hard for her to move around and get her pacifier if she wakes up. We have just started foods about 2 days ago and so I’ll post more on that later. Right now, it’s really just about getting her liking food so I still mix banana with breast milk. Since tomorrow will be the 4th day, we are trying a veggie of some sort like sweet potato instead of a fruit.

Things I want to just mention in case you don’t hear from me in a couple more weeks…
-Sarah Wells bags (pumparoo and pump bags) are amazing
-Magic Merlin Suits really are magical
-Zutanos are amazing
-I just got a fitbit and I’m kind of obsessed
-Any tips on getting 10k steps would be amazing… or 4k…whatever…
-Fisher-Price sit-me-up chairs are amazing
-Recently app is so cool & great way to print photos

xoxo, Andie

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