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I’m trying to wade through all the half-post backlog right now. I am almost done with my pantry organization post and I have another blog written on answering some mom questions but no pictures… so that’s coming! I thought as I go through I’d start with some things that I really want you to hear more about. There’s a few things I’ve received lately that I really want to share with you so this is one of those posts! I was asked if I wanted to try Nugg Beauty face masks. I did some quick research and thought it was something I wanted to try, so I went for it. And I must say, after a few uses, I’m really loving and the more I read about them, I’m loving them even more!

I got 5 face masks (1 is missing because I was too excited and used one before I took pictures hehe) to try. I got soothing, exfoliating and hydrating. I’ll cut straight to the chase: I love that these are bite-sized face masks. I never go through a whole jar, so you can just buy one or a few and use as-needed. They applied easily and left my face soft and supple. I haven’t used the exfoliating yet, but the soothing and the hydrating are both great. I have been applying a layer when I pump in the morning or at night before bed. As heaters are turned on and the weather gets a little less lovely, these have been a great addition to my skincare.

When I started doing more research on these after I started using, I found I loved them even more. They are made with over 90% natural or naturally-derived ingredients. The ingredients obviously vary between each mask, but they are formulated with lots of good oils that I love to see on the ingredient list. Then, I couldn’t even believe that each pod will set you back a whopping $3.29. This is such a great option for those of us who want to face mask but don’t go through a jar fast enough, are beauty junkies who want to try a little bit of everything and people just flat into skincare. I check all those boxes, but these are quite cool with a price point like that.

My mom also saw these on my counter when she came and really loved the bite-sized goodness. These are really great for travel, to just keep on hand, for a girls night in, toss in as a gift for someone, put on during a plane flight (thanks, Lisa Eldridge!) or just about anything. I actually used some extra soothing face mask on the back of my hands after exfoliating and really loved. It left my hands really soft and supple. I can see lots of people enjoying these masks – from the beauty crazed to those who want to indulge without spending much money.

The texture is almost gel-like, but it doesn’t fully sink into skin. It’s pretty much clear on your face when you apply it unless you goop it on your face. These do not dry down to a hard texture. I left mine on for quite awhile during one use without any issues. They are gentle and do not burn or sting; they actually felt quite nice on the skin.

You can purchase these masks at a few different retailers including Target or Amazon. You can also order directly from the Nugg Beauty web site. As per usual, I give full disclosure and there are no secrets or gimmicks here. I was asked if I would be interested in trying the masks but did not have to guarantee a review or post. I am only writing because I genuinely like and feel that you guys would be interested as well. I already have my eye on the revitalizing face mask that I will purchase with my own money next time I stumble into the Target beauty section. The link to their web site is NOT and affiliate link and I receive nothing but good vibes no matter if or where you purchase. Enjoy!

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