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October Favorites


I don’t always do a favorites, but when I do, it’s awesome. Just kidding. I do really love the products that I’ve chosen for this month. They are all tried and true. Worth taking a look at if you are looking for something new. Sephora is having it’s VIB 20% off sale starting on the 4th of November, so you might want to stock your carts now! YouTube is being a butthead right now, but I’ll try to get the video loaded when it feels like it wants to play nice.

I’ve only picked 6 products this month that I’ve actually really been using – a lot.


Left: Bliss clog dissolving cleansing milk. It’s a smooth cleansing milk that can also double as a mask. If you are a girl on the go, this is great because it’s effective, gentle, lasts a long time and doubles as a mask that’s actually quite nice. I used to use this years ago and have gone back to it because it’s that great. I use it after removing makeup. If you wear makeup and don’t want to add another product, I’d recommend using this twice – once to get off your makeup and then to actually to cleanse and be effective.

Middle: Josie Maran whipped argan oil body butter. This stuff is ah-mazing. Like, seriously beautiful. It’s lightweight, smells great & is amazingly affective. I do use twice a day (morning and night), but a little goes a long way.

Right: Julep glycolic hand scrub. I’ve quickly become addicted to this hand scrub. I thought I’d be returning it, but I just can’t. It gives an incredibly effective scrub, while still leaving my hands smooth and baby soft. I was worried that between the scrubbing and glycolic acid, I’d have soft but dry hands that required lotion afterwards. I was mistaken. I don’t apply lotion after use (some may need too for really dry hands, but this will prep them beautifully).


Top left: Laura Mercier loose powder in tender rose. I think it just took some practice, but I finally figured out that with a primer, this stuff is quite nice. I love that it’s a powder foundation that doesn’t cake up or feel powdery on the skin. It covers my skin quite nicely so I don’t feel the need for a tinted primer, but if you want really full coverage, you might consider that option.

Top right: Dior incognito eyeshadow palette. I’ve been reaching for this a ton. It’s really neutral and easy to wear. My only complaint is that there is no liner color in the palette. I’ve been surviving, though. I typically smudge Burberry midnight ash in the lash-line to accompany this palette so it’s not the end of the world.

Bottom: Sample of Dior instant maximizer lip gloss. I will be purchasing the full size of this; but I think it takes the right person to fall in love with this. To some it will seem like an expensive clear lip gloss, but to me, it adds glow, fullness & shine. It goes with any look and often I’m at a loss in the morning for what to apply and I’ve been reaching for this non-stop.


I’m wearing the Laura Mercier powder, Dior lip gloss and eyeshadow palette above. I’m wearing Nars Deep Throat blush and Guerlain’s crazy bronzer. The necklace is from Twice Loved Vintage. I hope you had a great October! What were your favorites?

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