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Pacifica Makeup Removing Wipes


So in my quest to go more natural (mainly because I think there’s a lot of good affordable products and I’m clearly a product junkie), I’ve started exploring the world of Pacifica. I have been on a huge makeup wipe kick as of late because they are great to keep by your bed, in your summer bag, removing swatches, doing a quick pass before you cleanse, for travel, to keep at your vanity… really they are the ninja of products. So clearly, I must try them all!


I found the wipes at my local Target for around the $6 mark. That’s pretty reasonable for 30 wipes. I do love that it has the plastic top to keep the wipes moist. The Simple wipes are lacking that feature. They are really large and good size. They have a heavy scent, but I like it so it doesn’t bother me. The scent is coconut centric with maybe some other scents mixed in there.


As far as their performance, they do remove makeup fairly well. You do have to work them into your skin a bit, but that’s typical of most. The shining feature is how good your skin feels after use. The few times I’ve used so far, it was end of day but I wasn’t ready to do my full skincare routine and my face felt fine without anything like moisturizer after use. The effectiveness really depends on how much you work at it. A few swipes will get a good amount off, but you will still have makeup on your face.


Here’s a makeup look before and after using the wipes. You can still see spots of makeup and particularly eye makeup. My mascara in this case was water-resistant so it would have probably come off with more rubbing. Which gets me to the 1 downside: these do irritate my eyes slightly. If you have sensitive eyes and want a wipe you can regularly use over your eyes, these aren’t it. I felt a slight, momentary warming in the eye area but no severe or long-term reaction occurred. This was the 2nd time I used them and I noticed I was much more cautious and as result, my makeup didn’t come off as well in the eye area.

These absolutely don’t replace cleansing for me, but that was never my intention. Shockingly, I would repurchase when they run out because I do love how well these hydrate the skin and leave it feeling nice and fresh. I think these are great for a post-workout water-free rinse and pick-me-up and for most will serve as a good wipe in a pinch. I primarily use wipes as swatch removers, kept at my vanity or when I’m really hot at the end of the day just to feel refreshed and take a little makeup off. So the irritation in my eyes doesn’t bother me because I just won’t use there normally (I only did the past few times for testing purposes). I think I might have a makeup wipe showdown at some point… about to order the Acure ones and I’ve already tried Simple and Yes To Blueberries… any other good suggestions?!

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