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Pretty Little Liars

After a very, very hectic day (which included Colin’s car not working, so I drove him to work – after which we realized he should have dropped me off and taken my car because it causes me much more time), I’m so excited for the new Pretty Little Liars.  I cannot wait! It’s for sure been my guilty little pleasure.  The books are super easy to read (and trust me, I don’t read) and the story is kind of exciting in some weird adult/tennybopper way.  I’m just sickingly addicted to it.

We also put away all the Christmas stuff.  It feels like Christmas never even happened.  So it’s kind of nice to to have a fussy Christmas tree clogging up the corner of our house.  Don’t get me wrong, it was nice, but about the day after Christmas, it just seems like such a pain and a dread taking it down! Our little snowmen that got left behind is all we have to show for the Christmas spirit!

I’ve also been researching new cameras, and I have one picked out.  I’m really excited for it.  Not sure when I’ll get it.  Sometimes I like to wait things out and make sure it’s what I actually want – I can be a little crazy when it comes to my gadgets!

Speaking of, I’m hoping to post my favorite iPad apps and a review of iLife soon.  I was hoping to play with iLife a little more before I wrote my review.  Hope everyone relaxes after a fun-filled day back at work.

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