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Sheerly Addicted

I think once you pass 2 of the same product, just different colors, it’s a full-blown obsession. I think it’s safe to say.

I have never been so excited to return items in my life. I had a few things piling up from some recent purchases that were just not working out for me (you saw the Guerlain primer). So I got to return them for 2 more Armani Fluid Sheers – #6 & #8. It was pretty scary initially as #8 almost didn’t make it home with me since it was in a different drawer. Thank goodness for my persistence!!

#6: A pretty blood orange/bright coral color. When I mixed it with #5 in the store, it was sheer perfection (get it?!). Highly pigmented, this one packs a big punch. A dot will do ya. It also has some of those indescribable light-reflecting pigments.

#8: I pretty much gasped when I saw this one. It was originally hidden (for shame Saks!), but I spotted it across the room. It’s a lovely babydoll pink color. It’s brightening and almost has a pearl finish. This one was really versatile to me. Under makeup? Mixed with other things? Highlight? You name it. I’m light enough I bet I can even get away with it as a blush. The pictures online do not do it justice in my opinion. Go swatch and see it in it’s glory.

All 5 in all their beautiful glory!! Though there was another one (it was yellow) that looks promising, I had to resist for now. Going to enjoy all this for the summer and maybe revisit in the fall if they keep weighing on my mind.

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