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South Dakota

So I thought I had to get these photos up really quickly. I went to South Dakota for work and we ended up going to some national park… I don’t even remember. I was hoping so badly to see Bison… and holy crap! We saw SO many. It was incredible. Though we had the funniest experience with a Burro. We didn’t know how friendly/curious they were. We weren’t really expecting to see a lot for the time of the year, so we didn’t really do much research. We just went for fun. So these Burro are FRIENDLY. And FUNNY! They saw us, came up to our car and started scratching their heads on the mirror.

My friend had a brochure and before they came up to the car, she said “see how they are? This is not like the brochure!”. The brochure showed them friendly and hanging out next to cars. They literally were so far away and just slowly started walking towards are car. They sniffed the windows, then scratched their heads using the car mirrors and one even “mounted” another one. My friend was screaming “THIS IS JUST LIKE THE BROCHURE!” and I kept laughing and saying “I’m freaking out!”. It was so hysterical. And the best part? I got it on video. So funny. Hopefully I’ll post that someday for everyone that needs a good laugh. In the meantime, here are a few photos. Hopefully back in the game sometime next week.

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