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Stila Watercolor Blush



Stila recently came out with a new blush that is a pretty unique texture. It claims to be buildable, color-true pigment, long-wear, non-transfer & waterproof. I feel like it really does all those things and meets the claims. I own 4 of the 5 colors and I think all 4 I have in the range perform the same (no real variation in formula versus color). Though I haven’t tested the water proof issue, these did really stain my skin after swatches and I have no issues with wear.



It comes in a weird package – a “netted pot delivery system”. I suppose I’m pretty neutral about the packaging. I find it kind of weird and good all at the same time. Because it needs shaken and very pigmented, a pump might be too much. I keep thinking of the Armani fluid sheers – the pump is always so hard to control so I suppose I understand the choice. You can control the amount of product so it’s really not bad. The packaging does feel a bit on the cheap side, but overall, what I’d expect from Stila. I mean, we’re not talking Tom Ford here!



You must shake the product prior to opening/applying. I don’t find you have to go crazy, just enough to make sure it’s not separated and you mix the water/pigment. It tells you to apply with a Stila brush, but this stuff is surprisingly pigmented so the first time I tried with a brush it was a complete disaster. I’ve honestly found to get a perfect flush with the amount of control you need, I just put a small amount on my finger and build up to desired opacity. I sometimes do take a brush and blend out, but these blend fairly well with fingers alone.



I own 4 of the 5 colors and I’m missing water poppy. Water poppy is a vibrant red-orange, but I feel like I have other options in that department and don’t reach for them a ton so I passed. What’s kind of interesting is how pigmented these are but how sheer they are at the same time. You can often seen my skin (freckles) through the blush, but you can still see lots of color. Shimmering lotus is the only 1 of the 4 I own that has some gold sparkles and it does transfer/translate onto skin. It doesn’t bother me too much (I do keep wearing it) but it seems a little kiddish to me which is unfortunate because just in terms of color it’s one of my favorites. I do feel that all 4 are wearable and I’m guessing the poppy shade is as well. I do feel like poppy and water lily would look very similar on the cheeks blended out so I don’t think you need both.



These are great lightweight summer blushes. There is an application learning curve, but once you get a hold of the right amount of product and preferred method of application, these are great. These are a very pigmented, yet lightweight. I think these will be a great summer staple of a blush that many will enjoy 1 or 2 colors. They are a little bit unique which might turn people off, but I think the texture is great for just about anyone. Oily skins will appreciate the lasting power while dry skins will find ease in application. The biggest problem I have is with shimmering lotus and it’s gold glitter. It’s really sad that it does translate because I think people with larger pores or those who want no shimmer will be really turned off by this shade which is so unfortunate because the coral shade overall is SO pretty! I continue to wear, but it’s so unneeded and I think many will find it a turn-off.

You can purchase directly from Stila Cosmetics or Sephora. They are $26 each and I’ve purchased from both web sites depending on discounts available. I haven’t seen in Sephora stores yet, but hopefully soon! The Ulta web site also had it available recently.

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