Sunday Football

Deciding what to post about today, I thought I’d just post a couple of photos of Molly. You see, it’s Sunday which means football day. I’m on a fantasy league, so,I pay pretty good attention. Plus I pay waaaaaay too much for Sunday Ticket on Directv not to watch. I think Molly can sense it now. She stacked 2 pillows on her chair today for extra comfort as well as found an old bone to chew on. The only bad part is that the sun keeps going down earlier & earlier so hopefully I get motivated to walk her before the Bronco game stars shortly.

I wish I had something more exciting, but I am really not that exciting. Have tweaked my blog, already showered and pampered my skin & done a little cleaning (though seriously pissed as now I’m about 80% certain I brought some disgusting bugs home from work even though I purposely checked my bags before leaving). Off for some more cleaning and unloading groceries. Skincare and guest bathroom posts coming this week!

Oh, and that last photo I just couldn’t resist. Me & my brother probably 20 years ago (wait, how old am I? Can’t believe it’s even possible to say that!!!)







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