Beyond, Favorites

Totally Beachin’

So I totally forgot to put up my haul pictures. Tisk tisk. My mom came into town last Tuesday, so I’ve been distracted I guess. I will still post some of the recent clothing hauls I’ve had when I get home.

Colin & I are in Jersey with my uncle @ his beach house. Not to shabby. The weather here is quite amazing, but it has been super busy at the beach today. Not like I care much, but Jersey people do talk about weird things – including “the Rolls-Royce of fruit”. My favorite part so far has been I discovered a LUSH yesterday by accident & I’ve slept in until 9 everyday. Not too shabby. Plus, @ this beach, they come by with ice cream carts. Yum! I haven’t really taken photos of much yet… Not much to take photos of. Maybe tomorrow.





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