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Hey everyone! Apologizes for the absence. I have been really crazy at work & volleyball tends to take up a lot of “spare” time. I ate dinner last night with a few people from outside the US, which is always fun. Those Brits be cray! Seriously, always good company. We are now getting ready for our friends from college to come visit next weekend.

I shot a video, but couldn’t get it done because my battery died. I also saw a snake when I was outside shooting. It scared the pants off me. Snakes = not my thang.with practice & house prep, hopefully I can get it done this week. It’s nothing exciting, so hopefully I can get it up soon.

I’m also compiling my list of ideas and to-dos for when the season is over. I got a couple of projects I want to finish around the house & some fun video ideas that require more time than what I’ve had. Super excited!

I thought I’d just show you my new Twice Loved Vintage necklaces. They are so fun for the spring and summer. I love them!


{from my garden}






Many of these flowers are already gone sadly. It’s been raining so much, I don’t think they liked it. Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms!

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